Mastering the Art of Italian Cooking

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This cooking course is aimed at sharing the most authentic genuine and honest idea of Italian cooking far from untruly stereotypes.

I am thrilled and excited to share with you all my family recipes based on genuine, affordable and season ingredients, easy to reproduce at home. I love doing the best I can to satisfy your needs and curiosity about Italian food.

Cooking for me is an extraordinary experience, and it means taking you by the hand to a joyful place where you can feel free and happy to learn creatively.

This virtual cooking course is designed for everybody, amateurs, beginners and experts. In this course you will learn the basic knowledge of our Italian cuisine and some advance methods to obtain the best results and improve your cooking skills.

Bring with you your love for genuine Italian food and I will do the rest.

Topics for this course

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Italian Traditional First courses/Traditional Sauces?

In this section you will learn to prepare the most famous and traditional Italian first courses: hand-made fresh pasta, traditional sauces, dried pasta dishes with the risottatura technique and classic risotto.
Classic ragù sauce & Hand-made Fettuccine10:49
Spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil sauce5:59
Spaghetti with clams00:00:00
Linguine with pesto sauce00:00:00
Asparagus risotto00:00:00

Italian Traditional Second Courses and Vegetable Side dishes?

In this section you will learn how to prepare some of the most famous Italian second courses paired with tasty vegetable side dishes. Important cooking techniques (caramelization, blanching) will be shown.

Italian Traditional Desserts?

In this section you will learn to prepare 2 of the most famous classic Italian desserts worldwide.

Material Includes

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